Cyber safety for kids

We live in a modern world and since the last 2 decades internet has become a salient part of our lives.But is the internet a boon or a bane? In today’s world majority of us use the Internet in our daily lives. We can connect to people far away from us over the Internet or can meet new people and what not. Even kids nowadays are extremely social and use this net service quite a lot. But after all they are underage and some predatorwebsites take advantage of the innocent kids. This can lead to harassment,cyber bullying and corruption of the minds of the little ones. Kids nowadays use internet to express their views but as they are young and innocent they may end up hurting other people and themselves.Parents should be vigilant and more interactive with their teenage kids so that when tragedy stucks the children trust their parents. Apart from being interactive ,adults should also keep an eye on the children’s internet searches and accessibility of the kinds of websites. But Parents should also maintain the fine line of privacy with their kids. We should never share any personal information like our address or phone number or any other personal detail with any anonymous person.

Telling kids to refrain from using the internet might not be the best advice but instead they should be taught how to use it carefully. We should Use a tough password for an online account and if we get any inappropriate messages from anonymous people,we should tell the nearest trusting person we could and also report and block the account so that the concerned website is notified. Devices may also get hacked and majority of the times personal information is leaked which leads to more distress for the user.Kids should be made aware that everything they see and read on the internet is not true . Internet is a necessity nowadays and its usage cannot be prevented thus,kids must also be aware of the dark sides of it. In case of cyber bullying or harassment we can contact Child helpline or cyber crime cell.

Harminder Soni