Cyber Safety for Kids

Internet is a two sided sword. It’s a pool of knowledge if used correctly whereas its misuse can be deadly. We cannot deny the fact that with rapid advancement in technology, internet has become a necessity more than a luxury. Due to this, cyber crimes are on the rise. Cyber crime refers to the use of internet as a tool to commit crimes, real world or virtual. Kids are more vulnerable to cyber crimes like cyber bullying. So it is of utmost importance to be on our guard while using internet. By following a few simple steps we can ensure that kids are safe. Firstly, we should completely educate kids about the pros and cons of internet and how to use it safely. We should tell them not to open emails from unknown people as it may contain virus. Kids should avoid using social media till they can and if it’s inevitable then they should be extremely vigilant of what they post. They should never respond to texts or friend requests from unknown people. Never share passwords with anyone including friends. If a child is getting cyber bullied, then he should seek help from elders.

With a little caution, kids can fearlessly and freely use the internet to do wonders.

Vandna Dua