Impact of Covid-19

Covid-19 as a pandemic had made us realize that how unpredictable is everything including our lives can be. The outbreak has modified our lifestyle, work pattern and the way in which we perform our basic day to day functions.
The impact of Covid-19 is felt at various sectors of the society. It has resulted in worldwide economic slowdown, trade hinderances, travel obstructions etc.
There is a shift in the work modalities as the companies, schools have adopted online / virtual modes of working. In India, due to complete lockdown for a considerable amount of time, the states have come up with newer methods to prevent stagnation of operations.

The outbreak has taught us the importance of responsibilites and the interdependencies we have on each other. Following the basic health measures such as proper sanitization, deep cleaning of all areas etc has been on the rise.

This pandemic has made us realize the importance of all frontline warriors including doctors, nurses, janitors, policemen, deliverymen, etc . Due to the lockdown in the country, people are staying home spending time with themselves or with their families. This has made us develop new skills and made us more productive.

Most importantly, it has taught us how to survive with limited resources and not to waste food, water etc as many people in the world during this time don’t have access to basic living requirements. It has taught us that the best way to come out of the pandemic is global empathy, support and cooperation with each other and the government.

Puja Tuli