Internet- bane or boon for the kids today.

Internet is one of the thing which became a part of everyone’s life in today’s generation. Now a days it has become very important and crucial thing to live with. The young generation use it for variety of purposes.

Everything that was invented by humans has both advantages as well as disadvantages. But as far as internet is considered, we can say, it was used for boon and also as bane. It is useful in many ways maximum in all of the aspects that we came across in our daily life. It is useful for students to solve their questions and clarify the doubts they are having. Moreover, It takes away valuable time for studies. It is a wonderful source of information on anything under the sun. No library could ever offer us so much speed. On the other hand it should be admitted that the internet can be negative influence on a child. There are lots of sites that can give wrong information. The number of children spending all their free time in front of computer is increasing. It is unhealthy for both the mind and body. Teenagers might indulge in illegal activities.

Whatever potential for harm the internet has can be tackled with parental supervision. Technology is in itself neither positive nor negative. It is we human beings who make it negative or positive by the way we use it. Technology will control us or manipulate us only if we let it control and manipulate us.

Nitu Malhotra