The millennials

Millennials is the term used to generally describe a person who reached adulthood in the early 21st century and covers the generation of people born between 1980 and 2000. It is very important to understand the millennials because these people are the adults of nowadays and they are progressively gaining access into key positions associated with power and influence in society. Consequently, their beliefs, worldview characters, principles, values, strengths and vulnerabilities will continue to determine the fate of human kind for the next decades.

Millennials are those who grew up using electronics, the internet and online social communities. They are reputed to be the most challenging due to their number, about 2 billion in the world, but also due to their characteristics which are really different from the other generations, in part because they were born during boom of technology. Born with a smartphone in hand, permanently connected to the internet, this generation is demanding speed, flexibility and transparency. They do not depend on any group, they are only preoccupying by themselves and are almost self- sufficient due to the usage of smartphone and their limited interaction with the real world. They expose themselves on social networks and communicate via messaging apps. They are the tricky generation and different from previous generations because they have grown up in an era of advance technological convenience that has made themselves self reliant and less committed to adulthood milestones. At one point they can be lethargic, non- confident and narcissistic with degrees of overconfidence in skills they may not even possess, while on the other hand they are driven to innovate and hardworking, multitasking individuals that are the harbingers on the social media environment. This generation cannot be stereotyped because this is one generation breaking a pattern of traditionalist paths to focus on their needs in diverse ways, hence it is imperative to understand what drives their instincts and to amply renovate to existing career market to supply for those needs.

The millennials are indeed fundamentally very different than the previous generations in a way that warrants research into their needs because in global economics, this generation is a viable workforce waiting to be tapped in just the right way.

Shallu Chawla