Student Council

Students’ council is the voice of students in every school. They come by democratic choice. They are the strong link of communication between the management, teachers, and the students. Let us tell you how the students’ council shines at the campus of Swiss Cottage School. Not many know about the hard work and focus that holds them upright. They plan and execute all the minor and major ideas and events. They not only put their pen on paper brainstorming, but they take the stride as a leader and walk together no matter whatever be the weather. Students’ Council is the leading light of Swiss Cottage. Every member of the student body is on the front line. Their aspirations and endeavors match together in mutuality. The school is thankful to them for all the services they behold. The momentum of their capacity will reach the stars a day. Students’ council is inaugurated this year, and we shall commemorate this for years. The term of council will be for one academic year. Any council member may at any time be removed from office if they do not take their responsibilities properly, lack behind in leadership abilities or if they violate the school policies.


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