Welcome to the Elementary wing

At the heart of our school community lies the vibrant and nurturing space known as the Elementary Wing, where boundless curiosity meets the joy of learning. We extend a warm welcome to parents, guardians, and young learners embarking on this exciting educational journey with us. Our Elementary Wing is a haven designed specifically for the unique needs of primary school students, providing an environment where creativity, exploration, and academic growth intertwine harmoniously. Dedicated educators and staff members are committed to fostering a love for learning while shaping the foundational skills that will serve as building blocks for future academic success. Within these colorful walls, your child will discover not only the wonders of knowledge but also the thrill of friendship, creativity, and self-discovery. We invite you to explore the enriching experiences, vibrant classrooms, and engaging activities that define our Elementary Wing – a place where each child's journey begins, filled with promise and endless possibilities. Welcome to a space where young minds blossom and dreams take flight.

Academic Programs

Academic Programs are thoughtfully designed to provide a comprehensive and enriching educational experience for primary school students. We believe in laying a strong foundation for lifelong learning, and our programs reflect a commitment to academic excellence and holistic development. It includes: Foundational Learning Approach Subject Exploration for Young Minds Character Education Initiatives Innovative Teaching Methods - Emotional learning, Sensory learning, Art Integrated learning, Play-based learning, Social & Cultural learning Assessment and Progress Tracking - Methods used to assess student progress, including regular evaluations, feedback mechanisms, and parent-teacher collaboration.


Our commitment to providing a conducive and stimulating learning environment is reflected in the carefully curated facilities within the Elementary Wing. Each element is designed with the unique needs and developmental stages of our primary school students in mind, ensuring a safe, inspiring, and comfortable space for exploration and growth. These facilities include: Colourful and Child-Friendly Classrooms Secure and Stimulating Playgrounds Elementary Library Exploration Labs for Young Scientists and Artists Interactive Learning Technologies These facilities collectively contribute to a surrounding where learning is not confined to textbooks and classrooms but extends to every corner.

Events and Activities

Our calendar is brimming with engaging and diverse events and activities, each designed to enrich the educational journey of our primary school students. These experiences extend beyond traditional learning, infusing excitement, creativity, and social connection into the fabric of our academic landscape. Some of the events are: Colorful Celebrations and Theme Days Educational Field Adventures Elementary Clubs and Extracurricular Fun Parent-Teacher Story Sessions Sports Days and Friendly Competitions Annual Day Program.

Child Care - Mother Teacher Concept

In our dedication to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment for the youngest members of our school community, we proudly introduce the Child Care - Mother Teacher Concept. In this unique initiative, our dedicated teachers assume roles that extend beyond traditional pedagogy, embodying the warmth and attentiveness of a mother. The concept is crafted to provide not just academic guidance but also tender care and support reminiscent of a home environment. Here, our teachers cultivate bonds with the students akin to the nurturing relationship shared with a mother, ensuring each child feels secure, understood, and valued.

Nurturing Environment

Welcome to our Child Care Concept, where we provide a nurturing and secure environment for the youngest members of our school community. Our dedicated caregivers are committed to creating a warm and caring atmosphere that ensures each child feels safe and supported.

Daily Routine and Activities

Explore our daily routines designed to balance play, rest, and learning. From interactive play sessions to age-appropriate educational activities, our Child Care Concept aims to stimulate curiosity and foster early development.

Qualified Caregivers

Our team of qualified and compassionate caregivers understands the unique needs of young children. Our staff is trained to create a positive and engaging environment, promoting the social, emotional, and cognitive growth of each child.

Safety First

At the core of our Child Care Concept is a commitment to the safety and well-being of every child. We maintain rigorous safety standards, including secure facilities, regular health checks, and protocols to ensure a healthy and secure environment.

Parent Communication

We believe in open and transparent communication with parents. Stay informed about your child's daily experiences through regular updates, communication channels, and opportunities to engage with caregivers during pick-up and drop-off times.

Enrichment Activities

Our Child Care Concept goes beyond basic care, offering enriching activities that stimulate creativity and imagination. From storytime to arts and crafts, we provide a range of experiences to support early learning and development.

Inclusive Community

We embrace diversity and create an inclusive community where each child is celebrated for their unique qualities. Our Child Care Concept encourages social interaction, building friendships, and fostering a sense of belonging from an early age. Discover the thoughtful care and engaging experiences that define our Child Care Concept, where every child's well-being and development are our top priorities.