Van Mahotsav Celebration at Swiss Cottage School

Van Mahotsav Celebration at Swiss Cottage School, New Delhi
'Trees are the lungs of our planet, lets keep them healthy.'

Swiss Cottage School,New Delhi celebrated Van Mahotsav with great enthusiasm and zeal during the first week of July. 
The event aimed to instill environmental awarenes and promote greenery among our upcoming generations.

Highlights of the Event:

- Sudents of different  classes, as messengers spread the message on the significance of  the trees for lifë on the earth.
- The school principal, Mrs. Neena Thimmaya, emphasized the need and importance for conservation and sustainability.
-  Guest Lecture: Environmental expert and local officials were invited to deliver informative sessions on topics such as sustainable forestry practices, biodiversity conservation, and the importance of native tree species.
- Students showcased their extraordinary talent by craft work using old crockery and biodegradable substances to support greenery.

The Van Mahotsav celebration at Swiss Cottage School was a huge success. 
The event encouraged students to become responsible citizens and take care of the greenery on the earth.